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THE HEALER, the super blend designed to reset body and soul, is unique in that it contains high levels of gingerol, a powerful medicinal ingredient.
Potent, restorative blend – contains cinnamon, Guatemalan cardamom, Indian clove, ajwain (carom seeds), nutmeg, and ginger with high levels of gingerol, a powerful bioactive medicinal compound.
Daily limit to 1 full teaspoon per day. For optimum taste, aroma and health benefits: 1/3 teaspoon of the Silk Spice®Healer to your drink of choice 3 times a day. For a silkier experience without the residue or floating herbs, pour over a strainer.
Flavor Profile | Complex

Hailing from the port of Aden, creating mystical, restorative remedies was my ancestors’ stock and trade. For generations, my family used this blend to heal existing ailments. This was long before anyone understood the scientific impact of ginger on the digestive system, they just knew it worked. Our alchemy of spices and seeds added potent healing powers to any beverage and was inspired by Ayurvedic medicine that originated thousands of years ago in India which is based on the notion that good health depends on the balance between mind, body, and spirit.

Aromatic, spicy and bright with a slight orange zest that lends a certain mildness.

We are here to share with you how ancient forms of healing may be essential for our future. More than ever before it is vital for us to support our immune system. Our SILK SPICE blends have been doing just that for centuries.

The everyday spices you find in your kitchen cabinet were once luxury items that were enjoyed by the wealthy and elite. Cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, pepper, turmeric-all of these were in such high demand that a trade route was formed. The journey ancient sea traders undertook between civilizations in Asia, northeast Africa, and Europe was known as the “Spice Route.”

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