Not all spices and herbs are created equal - The Five Tenets were created to uphold and
perfect my family’s ancient blend formulas and are focused on a high potency herbal
remedy aspect of Ayurveda. But to truly understand the powerful and transformative health
benefits behind my family’s remedies, we need to go back about 3000-5000 years...



Protecting the integrity of each ingredient is crucial to creating spices and blends that are potent enough to change your biochemistry. One of the most important methods we utilize in crafting our blends is to use single-sourced ingredients which results in higher potency and the highest level of health benefits, aroma and flavor. How each single source is chosen is based on perimeters like elevation, humidity, weather conditions, soil, and how it is grown and harvested.

We only source ingredients through the most ethical and sustainable ways possible. We source directly from the farmers and pay a premium price for their harvest; which is the true secret behind our exceptional products. Each ingredient used in our Silk Spice blends, elixirs, and coffees, is 100% pure and from one single harvest. It is never mixed with another source and never mixed with compounds that are typically found in generic spices.

Our direct single sourcing practice has been cultivated over many generations and perfected for over 400 years. We explore the world to find that one perfect source for each ingredient. With our “one ingredient, one farm, one region” philosophy, these small batches are produced within the year and allow us to yield the most powerful blends to support your health and lifestyle.


For generations, my family has been untapping the power of nature through our unique blending method which extracts the essential ethereal oil from plants and spices to deliver the very highest level of potency, health benefits, aroma and flavor to you.
With hundreds of years of ayurvedic knowledge and experience, you could say our specialized oil extraction process and blending method is part science and part instinct. These drops of oil are not just gold, they are the very “life force” of the plant; making the process of extraction extremely important to reveal the highest quality and potency. Our blending method preserves the plant’s therapeutic powers and is as close as you can get to the age-old practice of grinding the plants by hand with a mortar and pestle.


Just as each of our ingredients are specifically chosen with skill and deep, accumulated knowledge cultivated over hundreds of years, we take the same approach when bringing ingredients together to create our blends. It is our perfected alchemy and “just the right amount” that gives our blends their transformational healing powers, intoxicating aromas, and exquisite flavors.
To create a formula that is truly beneficial is an art that requires not only the understanding of each herb, spice, or seed but how they interact together, and what overall effects they will have on the body once consumed. The magic of our blends is deeply rooted in traditional Ayurvedic medicine; which aims to preserve health and wellness by keeping the mind, body, and spirit in complete balance.


When an ingredient is sourced from only one farmer and passed directly to one formulator’s hands, the ingredient’s potency and freshness is preserved. At the supermarket, you’re likely buying dried herbs and spices that have been passed through hundreds of hands and infused with other ingredients to allow it to sit on many shelves for long periods of time, before ever reaching your pantry. Our “one farm to one hand” process and small batch production creates the shortest shelf life and storing cycle possible; yielding the freshest and most therapeutic spices available.


Sourcing a single ingredient from one farm lends itself to creating the need for zero shelf or storage life, specifically when it comes to harvests that yield rare and unique ingredients. In this case, we take over the complete harvest and it is grown exclusively for a particular blend. The batch is closely monitored from planting to harvest to delivery, then blended immediately and shipped directly. Since the batch quantity is very limited and in high demand, many of our products are pre-sold first to our loyalty club members and then offered on a limited basis to our existing customers.

Creating health remedies was my ancestors’ stock and trade. For generations, they used these aromatic spices to create natural remedies to heal existing ailments and defended the body from illness and disease. We still rely on these potent remedies to this day.
Silk Spice Blends are linked to and inspired by Ayurvedic medicine which originated in India. Ayurvedic medicine dates back thousands of years and is considered the mother of all health and holistic care. “Ayur” means life and “veda” means science in Sanskrit and literally translates to “the science of life.” These principles guide all of our Silk Spice blends from 400 years ago to today.