Our story

My family is from the ancient port of Aden, one of the shipping stops along the Spice Route. We have been using these secret elixirs for generations, not only to add aroma to coffee and tea, but also as natural healing remedies.

Ancient chefs, herbalists, and healers turned to the infinite potential of spices and plants for their restorative properties. Chefs were tasked with nursing patients back to health with restorative foods. Aside from adding flavor to dishes, the right combination of spices was believed to have alleviated the symptoms of various ailments.

David Joseph, the founder of SILK SPICE, began his career in music and film before joining his family’s jewelry business. Since launching his own line, Bochic, in 2004, David has furnished countless celebrities on the red carpet with unique, classic, globally inspired pieces. This passion for the exotic in conjunction with an acute appreciation for his ancestors’ ability to attain health benefits via ancient ingredients has led David to create SILK SPICE. Now more than ever does it seem pertinent to widen the search for alternative means of increasing immunity and setting a stage for healthy living.