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Arabian Cardamon Druze Coffee

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The Druze originated in Western Asia and now live in the Middle East. They are widely known to make the richest, most delicious coffee. 
Blended in The Galilee region adjacent to Nazerath, Galilean coffee boasts a long history of coffee culture and is known for its rich, thick consistency, potency and sharp flavor. Silk Spice offers connoisseurs of authentic Arabic coffee this special blend with a strong, unique taste, made to suit masters of the art of fine coffee drinking exclusively.
An aromatic, rich coffee blend offers higher levels of powerful antioxidants to support cognitive decline + Cardamom, packed with nutrients and fiber with powerful antioxidants that can lower your risk of chronic diseases.
Arabica and Robusta beans + Cardamon offers higher levels of beneficial compounds, chlorogenic acids with different types antioxidants.
Packed with Antioxidants and Diuretic Properties, helping cognitive decline and short-term memory loss + boosts immunity.
Bold, hints of chocolate with a sweet lasting tone, a fruity aroma with a nutty undertone.