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Blended in The Galilee region adjacent to Nazareth, Galilean coffee boasts a long history of coffee culture and is known for its rich, thick consistency, potency and sharp flavor. Silk Spice offers connoisseurs of authentic Arabic coffee this special blend with a strong, unique taste, made to suit masters of the art of fine coffee drinking exclusively.

We are here to share with you how ancient forms of healing may be essential for our future. More than ever before it is vital for us to support our immune system. Our SILK SPICE blends have been doing just that for centuries.

The everyday spices you find in your kitchen cabinet were once luxury items that were enjoyed by the wealthy and elite. Cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, pepper, turmeric-all of these were in such high demand that a trade route was formed. The journey ancient sea traders undertook between civilizations in Asia, northeast Africa, and Europe was known as the “Spice Route.”

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Discover an ancient road to wellness, 400 years in the making.

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